Who we are.

BASE is a foundation that provides alternative building technologies to enable a network of partners to build quality socialized homes.  Homes that are Comfortable, Affordable, Disaster Resilient, Ecologically Friendly, and with Social Impact.


BASE develops technologies using locally grown and renewable materials to create housing envelops and designs suited to the needs of local communities.

What we do.

At BASE, we focus on affordable housing solutions geared toward social development and impact. Through intensive research and technology, training and value chain development, BASE continues to share the Cement Bamboo Frame Technology through programs designed to answer the need for quality housing using environment friendly and alternative building materials.


Value Chain Development

Working with organizations and individuals committed to processing and producing high quality, construction grade bamboo poles.

Technology Provision

Providing and sharing the expertise on Cement Bamboo Frame (CBF) technology to partners.

Research & Development

Continuously improving on technology including optimizing processes and procedures.


Conducting intensive trainings to organizaitons and individuals on CBF and other housings solutions with emphasis on quality and resiliency.​

Cement-Bamboo Frame Technology

BASE developed the Cement Bamboo Frame Technology, an AITECH (Accreditation of Innovative Technologies for Housing) accredited prefabricated frame system using load bearing bamboo with metal connections and mortar cement plaster. This system is tested for resistance to earthquake, typhoon, fire and insect infestation.


Base Innovation Center

The BASE Innovation Center is the venue for many research and testing programs as well as training courses that engage other institutions and professionals with the objective of further propelling Bamboo based technology and other alternative building technologies.