The executives of Hilti Foundation together with the management of BASE participated in the Habitat Young Leaders Build on the 2nd of May 2018 in Silay, Negros Occidental.

Hilti Foundation is a main supporter of the works of Habitat for Humanity around the world and of BASE across the Philippines.


In Silay, the project, dubbed as Bon-Bon Resttlement Phase III, is a socialized housing partnership between the Government of Silay, the Katuwang Community and Habitat for Humanity Philippines to address the lack of affordable and decent housing. With the support of the Hilti Foundation through Base as the technology partner, the project uses the cement bamboo frame technology to build sustainable, disaster resilient, and eco-friendly homes.


The build brings together 100 youth volunteers and volunteers from Hilti Philippines, Silay Government, Habitat for Humanity and members from the Katuwang Community who builds homes together in the Bon-Bon Resettlement Project Phase III.

During the build, the volunteers learned to build the houses using the Cement Bamboo Frame Technology by doing activities such as panel fabrication, panel installation and rib lath installation.


The project is part of the Local Government’s program to support the housing need of 10,000 informal settlers living in danger zones across the city. This phase of the project will build a total of 546 homes for low-income families

The event opened with a welcome remark from Rick Hathaway, Habitat for Humanity Vice President for Asia Pacific, followed by messages from Mike Meaney, Managing Director of Habitat for Humanity Philippines; Egbert Appel, President of the Hilti Foundation; Mayor Mark Golez; and Dr. Francisco Benitez, representative of Congressman Alfredo Benitez.