About the Cement Bamboo Frame Technology

As a non-profit organization, BASE is focused on serving as a technology partner for NGOs, LGUs, Developers, and other organizations to build socialized housing communities. At the moment, BASE is not able to cater for individual housing projects.

A Cement-Bamboo Frame house typically costs around Php8,500-Php9,500 per square meter or an average of Php225,000 for a 25sqm house depending on the location and wind zone of the area. The house includes the space for common area, kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom which can further be divided into two rooms.

For professional Architects and Engineers, we are offering CPD programs. Please follow our digital media channels for schedule of the offerings.

Base works with 5 Supply Partners across the Philippines . The treatment involves washing the starch out of the bamboo to prevent “bokbok” and introducing a treatment solution to prevent termites. The treatment solution is absorbed completely by the bamboo so there is no chemical waste involved in the process. It is then air dried until its moisture drops down to a certain amount.

At the moment, BASE has characterized the Bambusa Blumeana (Kawayang Tinik) and Dentrocalamus Asper (Giant Bamboo) as viable materials, both of which are being used in existing projects. Currently, BASE is also characterizing other bamboo species such as Bambusa philippinensis (Laak), Gigantochloa Apus, Bambusa vulgaris, and Guadua angustifolia (Kunth).

The Cement-Bamboo Frame house has a minimum service life of 25 to 50 years.

For inquiries on partnerships, you may contact our Head of Partnerships, Joseph Lansang, at

About the Supply Facilities

Base has supply facilities in Nasugbu Batangas, Murcia Negros Occidental, Dauin Dumaguete, Manolo Fortich Bukidnon, and Panabo Davao del Norte.

For inquiries regarding supply, please email

For inquiries regarding supply, please email

For inquiries regarding supply, please email

About the Base Innovation Center

Visit to the Base Innovation Center is allowed for partners and trainings. For new partnership, please send a letter of intent to Joseph Lansang at