Stories from Basey: Miguel Barredo

Samar is among the top 20 areas that are most vulnerable to typhoons in the Philippines. While Miguel and his family have survived the many storms that pass their area, their property and belongings are rarely as lucky. Now that he’s retiring, he needs a place that will allow him to rest easy.

Stories from Lanit, Iloilo: Rouella Valencia

Rouella Valencia is one of the Ati beneficiaries in iloilo who grew up in difficult living conditions because of homelessness. Many of the Ati children used to wander the streets begging, and would have to wake up at odd hours to collect water for basic needs or prepare for school. Base Bahay Foundation partnered with the Ati Tribes Mission, JCI, and HPFPI to provide housing for 24 homeless Ati families, including Rouella’s.