Typhoon Ruby made its landfall in the Philippines on December 6 and continued on for two more days with strong winds and heavy rainfall.

We are relieved and thankful that all our team members and their families were safe and our houses left undamaged.

We were able to test our houses and its robustness against high wind speed. Overall, typhoon Ruby gladly stayed below the expectations and travelled over the coastline of Bicol instead of above land. Our area was not hit by the eye of the typhoon but we were still affected by its gusts and downpour.

After Glenda, with maximum sustained winds of 160 km per hour in the area of our buildings, typhoon Ruby was the next extreme impact encountered by our houses. Until now, all houses performed as expected and did remain in good condition.

Based on our structural analysis and observations during the Typhoons of the last 2 years, we are confident that our houses are resilient. Compared to the bahay kubos, Base Bahay’s housing provides a secure home for the locals.